“BNX Networks performed software reverse engineering to extract requirements from Embedded Assembly/C/C++ SBC code composed of RTOS, I2C, Ethernet, Drivers and other interfaces. They worked to validate FAA requirements for avionics embedded software for aircraft mounted LRU unit that enables aircraft and flight crews to receive and send operational communication data over VHF to dispatch centers. They have written low-level (white) test cases to verify register data to validate the requirements compliance in a simulated environment. BNX Networks has done all these complex works very efficiently, in a professional manner, and for a very reasonable cost. We recommend BNX Networks for testing (V&V) and reverse engineering embedded systems.” - President, Globebit Solutions Inc, Rockford, IL 61107

"BNX Networks configured and setup our server, switch, firewall, and Cisco Aironet wireless router in a very efficient manner. Additionally, BNX has secured our portable data and implemented different security levels for accessing central data necessary to operate my office outside of my EMR. BNX has provided all these services at a very reasonable market price; their technical advice saved us money and time over the last 4 years. As I have encountered computer issues, BNX Networks has always responded by phone, text or email in a reasonable time and fashion. Overall, I would recommend BNX Networks for any business looking to support and improve their IT platforms. I look forward to continuing my relationship with BNX in the future, and I am glad that I made the move to BNX." - Robert Romanelli M.D., Physician and Owner, Grayslake Medical Group, Libertyville, IL 60048

"BNX NETWORKS INC. has done an awesome job in overhauling Small Business Accounting Tax Service's Computer Network in August, 2012. They provided us with the customized Server Hardware for a “Windows Server 2008” server. Installed server software, configured Server and Clients. They setup automatic data backup and transferred almost 17 years of tax data. BNX Networks installed all tax software (Quick Book, ATX, AME, CrossLink etc.) in the server and new clients. They created our website and hosting it. We are one of their monthly IT customers. We saved a lot of money by being their monthly IT customer and have mental peace - we know they are always there, if we need them." - Al Olieh, President, Small Business Accounting Tax Service, Aurora, IL 61107

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