Network or System IT Support:

Our basic System IT Support or Network IT Support service package starts from $99/month. Monthly fee can be revised based on initial system assessment.
Our goal is to provide better quality service for a reasonable price. We are 100% USA based.

Request a QUOTE if your business technology needs are different or your network or system has more Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, data backup systems or other special or highly secured public safety devices. We have three different ready-to-enroll plans for your business with different support features:

Features Basic Standard Advanced
Guranteed Response Time 1 hour 45 minutes 30 minutes
24x7 Remote Emergency Support yes yes yes
 Periodic Network or System Health assessment -
Check Security,  Speed, Risks, Backup etc. and
Publish Report
(Free up to 1.5 hour)

Every 6 months

Every 4 months

Every 3 months

Supported Servers  



Maximum Number of Device Supported
(Computers -MacOS/Windows, Switch, Routers,
Firewalls, Printers, Fax, NAS, Payment Processing etc.)




Unlimited Remote Control, Online and
Phone Support for All Applications
yes yes yes
Maximum Free Incident Trouble Ticket Initial Assessment




 Support Microsoft Exchange Servers  

Advanced Desktop Optimization and Management
using BNX Proprietary Software
yes yes yes
All Software/Patch Install, Configure, Troubleshoot yes yes yes
Automatic Backup System, VPN,
Video Surveillance management
yes yes yes
Shop, Supply and Integrate Customized HW- Server,
Clients, Repair Parts and Software.
yes yes yes
Hardware, Software expansion or upgrade   yes yes yes
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Management
for the Network or System
yes yes yes
Support Multiple Offices (up to 2)     yes
WebSite Hosting $5/month $3.5/month Free
Billable Engineering labor Discount   5% 10%
Single Monthly Cost