Our IT enables businesses to operate their network, data and information exchanges securely and efficiently. We offer IT services for any industry based on short term or long term contracts or case by case basis regardless of the size, scope and complexity of the projects at a very reasonable cost.

IT Service Packages:

Our basic 100% USA based IT service plan starts with $99/month. This a ball park. Actual plan price is determined after an initial assessment of the system. More than 90% cases for small business, we saw monthly cost way less than $99.

Monthly plans comes with with following FREE services:
* FREE unlimitied remote support (phone, email or remote login) for small businesses
* Support SERVERS, SWITCHES, FIREWALLS and Any number of network elements
* Supports mulitple offices
* FREE website hosting
* Discounted hourly service rate.
* Check the IT SERVICE PLANS for details.

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Network Design, Security and Implementation:
   . Design network IP plan, Wireless and/ Wired Network
   . Setup Firewall Security
   . Implement Software Security
   . Optimize integrated network for Performance and Reliability
   . Setup the network using equipment from any Vendor
   . Install and Configure Windows Servers and Clients
   . Install and Configure Switches, Routers, Firewalls and other Network Elements
   . We have CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE certified Engineers and Technicians.

Hardware Supply and Network Integration/Expansion:
   . Shop and Supply Customized Servers, Clients, Switches, Routers and any hardware
   . Shop and Supply repair parts or any expansion part.
   . Integrate any new device in the network
   . Automatic Data Backup
   . Install and Configure Email Servers (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Servers), PBX systems,  Video Security/Surveillance,
     Point of Sale (POS), Payment Processing etc.

Network Analysis and Troubleshoot:
   . Analyze Networks (checks Design, Speed, Security, Router Security, Firewall Security etc.)
   . Troubleshoot any Network Issues. 
   . Perform Independent Study and evaluate Network Equipments of different vendors
   . Repairs PC, Troubleshoot and Fix software Security