Custom Software Solutions:

We provide Custom Software solutions regardless of Industry and implementation platform. We provide Embedded software, Applications, User Interface, WebSites or other softwares based on customer needs. We implement any size of Software projects using C, C++, C/C++, Assembly, C#, ASP.Net/C#, Java, JavaScript, SDL autocoding, SQL etc. in Windows .NET, any RTOS -ThreadX, SysBios, Unix/Linux, QNX using any IDEs - IAR, CCS, Eclispse, Visual Studio, NetBeans and SmartPhone platforms.

Let us develop software for your business and save you money, ASK US HOW?
Project Examples:

Embedded Software Solutions:
   . We will deliver Embedded Software based on your Requirements for a specific RTOS.
   . We will integrate drivers and applications for a specific RTOS and Hardware.
   . Any Hardware - Commercial-off-the-self or System-on-chip (SOC) e.g. ARM-DSP-FPGA combination or Customers propritery hardware.
   . Any Programming Language - C/C++, Java, Assembly or Auto code in any Embedded IDE environment.

Integrated Solutions:
   . Provide solutions in wireless Telecommunication,Computer Communication and other areas.
   . Explore customer needs and identify solutions.
   . Use 3rd party equipment and integrate them as part of the solution.
   . Serve as a Consultant for Technology shopping.

Software Conversion:
   . Convert old embedded software to use latest platform features (e.g. VS2003 to VS2015 to use latest APIs).
   . Enable old Software for the latest hardware.
   . Convert softwares between programming languages and platforms (e.g. C/C++ to C#, VB to C/C#, SDL to C/C++ etc.)

Software Security:
   . Analyze and Fix Security Issues in the existing software code.
   . Identify and fix memory leaks, Unsecured Functions, libraries, APIs etc. for each line of code.

Software Dependency Elimination on Compiler library:
   . Eliminate or Replace tightly coupled Compiler library (e.g. MFC) dependency.
   . Eliminate or Reduce plaform dependency to make software platform independent.
   . Provide Solutions to unleash existing Software/Applications in new upgraded Platforms

Requirement Validation and Verification:
   . Back trace requirements from code to make sure all the requirements are implemented and covered.
   . Identify gap between requirements and implementation and provide solution.

Software Validation and Verification:
   . Analyze Requirements and write testcases.
   . Identify and Elimate escaped Defects from code as a third party tester.
   . Perform complete Software Validation and Verification to make it defect free.