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Network Design, Security and Implementation:
   . Design network IP plan, Wireless and/ Wired Network
   . Setup Firewall Security
   . Implement Software Security
   . Optimize integrated network for Performance and Reliability
   . Setup the network using equipment from any Vendor - MacOS (Apple) and Windows
   . Install and Configure Windows Servers and Clients
   . Install and Configure Switches, Routers, Firewalls and other Network Elements
   . We have CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE certified Engineers and Technicians.

Hardware Supply and Network Integration/Expansion:
   . Shop and Supply Customized Servers, Clients, Switches, Routers and any hardware
   . Shop and Supply repair parts or any expansion part.
   . Integrate any new device in the network
   . Automatic Data Backup
   . Install and Configure Email Servers (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Servers), PBX systems,  Video Security/Surveillance,
     Point of Sale (POS), Payment Processing etc.

Network Analysis and Troubleshoot:
   . Analyze Networks (checks Design, Speed, Security, Router Security, Firewall Security etc.)
   . Troubleshoot any Network Issues. 
   . Perform Independent Study and evaluate Network Equipments of different vendors
   . Repairs PC, Troubleshoot and Fix software Security