Jan 14, 2020 End of Life: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. 40% OFF if upgrade scheduled by 11/15/2019. Call 847 990 0525. 1 PC 2 hours, 3 PCs 4.5 hours, Server 6 hours. Avoid Business disruption and SECURITY compromise.
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IT Packages

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IT Support:
We are a 100% USA based Information Technology (IT) support company. We use our proprietary software to generate a complete report for each device in the network to identify issues and address them before they can cause problems for your business. Our Engineers will respond between 15 to 45 minutes (guaranteed) for any IT issues. Our cost saving FLAT RATE 24x7 IT Support for System and Network starts as low as $149/month for 1 Server and 15 workstations or devices. Visit our IT Support page to choose an IT Plan that best suits for your business.
Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance:
Web presence of your business is the key to success and growth. Customers wants to know details about your business online to set up a business relationship. We can help your business to establish a strong online presence. We create new websites, redesign and optimize your current website to make it vibrant and search engine friendly. We host websites for only $5/month. Our FLAT RATE Website Maintenance Package starts as low as $45/month. You can get a brand new business website for a single one time fee of $299. Click Here to find more on web creation packages including programming details, database connectivity, Shopping cart system etc.
Custom Software Programming:
It is always very expensive to get a brand new software or maintain existing software through big companies. Our Engineers can a write a brand new software for a very reasonable price as our overhead cost related to software development is way less compared to big companies.Contact us for any size or any type of software project. Some of the other software project examples are- converting existing software to use the latest platform features, software reverse engineering, Analyse and fix Software Security issues, Software compiler dependency elimination, Integrated software solution. We develop software in any language -C/Assembly, C/C++, C#, Java, Asp.Net/C#, SDL Rhapsody modelling using Eclipse, CCS, VS, Momentics, IAR etc. IDEs and Platforms -Windows, Linux/Unix, SysBios, ThreadX, VxWorks, QNX and other proprietary platforms.Visit our Custom Software Programming page for details on software creation.
Software and Device Testing:
Testing software by any Engineer other than the developer who wrote the code is very effective to make it bug free. We independently test any software with any complexity - Embedded firmware, Embedded Software, layer2, layer3 protocol stack, software applications in any industry like Telecom, Medical devices, Embedded devices, Cell phone, Applications etc. We can write box test or integration test based on requirements and execute them. Or we simply execute test cases provided by the vendor. We accept any size of project for a very reasonable price. Our Engineers can go to the vendors location or we can test software in our lab here in Chicago Suburbs. Vendor can simply send us the software, device and test cases to save maximum money. We can test software in any platform - Windows, Unix/Linux, Android, VxWorks, CCS, ThreadX, iOS etc. We submit defects as it arrives in CQCM, DDTS, Rally, Jira or any Agile board and quality reports will be provided as needed. Visit Software and Device Testing page for more information.